Temporary Capping

Work has commenced to temporary cap the area identified in the Environment Agency’s Section 37 Notice.

The temporary capping involves the installation of approximately 8600sqm of 1mm LLDPE plastic sheeting.  Once applied the sheeting should seal the affected area and a network of additional collection lines will capture surface emissions of gases giving rise to odour.  Prior to laying the plastic sheeting it is first necessary to prepare the ground to ensure no damage is caused to the plastic either during or after installation, which could impact the effectiveness of the solution.

The Environment Agency Notice requires Quercia to have the work completed by 19th March 2018.  We are working to complete ahead of this date, but the rate of progress is subject to the weather conditions we experience.

Site Profiling

Residents’ concerns have been noted about the height of the site.  Work has begun on re-profiling the temporary stockpile of waste, which was created during the construction of the site access road.  The levels in this area are being regraded to lower levels.  The aim is to complete this within the next two weeks.