The major engineering works to install a temporary plastic cap and seal an area of approximately 8600sqm was completed earlier this month. This work also saw the installation of a network of additional landfill gas collection lines under the cap to capture the surface emissions.

This work has significantly reduced the odour and as a result we have now been able to identify a much smaller area in the southeast corner of the site that is still emitting an odour and will require capping.

Subject to the availability of materials, work to cap this 50m wide section on the steep flank in the south eastern edge of the site will begin next week (week commencing 16th April). Due to the steepness of the area in which we will be working, only very limited surface preparation work will be possible. As a result, we will use a thicker (2mm) lining material to offer better resistance to damage or tears.

In addition to the capping we will also be installing three new gas wells to draw off gas from the area and further extend the reach and capacity of the gas infrastructure on site.

Assuming we do not experience any adverse weather conditions we expect the capping to be complete no later than 27th April.

We will provide a further update once work has commenced via our website and Twitter feed @QuerciaLtd.