We have been gradually increasing waste inputs into the site since resuming operations on the 21st of May. To date we have not experienced any issues resulting from the resumption of waste management activity. This will continue to be a phased process working to a methodology that was developed with the Environment Agency and will be monitored by them in their role as the site regulator. Emissions monitoring will continue to be carried out 7 days a week to ensure that there is no odour emitting from the capped area.

Elsewhere on the site, the new cell development work is progressing well. The shaping of the cell is close to completion and we will soon be starting to install the engineered lining that separates the waste from the base and sides of the cell. At the northern end of the site work is also progressing with the final profiling of the ground prior to it being grassed.

Residents requiring further information or with any questions can contact us via our dedicated helpline – 07961 403 782 or via the contact form.

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