Unauthorised Access
Recently there have been a number of instances of unauthorised access onto the Clayton Hall landfill site. Any unaccompanied entry on to an active landfill site, without the correct safety equipment and briefing, clearly presents a number of potential risks for those involved. As a result, we have made a number of repairs to the boundary fencing and increased the out of hours security presence. The police have also been informed. We would ask anyone who thinks their children may be entering the site to explain that this is an operational landfill site and that any unauthorised access is strictly forbidden, for their own safety.

Site Capping Works
When the cap was installed at the rear of the site, the weather conditions meant that we only had time to put down a small amount of restoration material. Over the course of the summer we have been working to increase the amount of restoration material in-line with the planning permission. The plan is to cap even more of the site in the coming months and then to grass seed the whole area. This will have a huge and hopefully very positive visual impact for the site and the surrounding areas.

Side Wall Lining
The first phase of the side wall liner is now 98% complete. This has been achieved despite the challenging weather conditions. The wet winter resulted in unworkable conditions for a long period of time and the subsequent hot spring/summer has resulted in the clay under the plastic flexible membrane drying out and requiring rehydrating to create the seal. The next phase should progress faster as this involves the engineering of the floor, which is flat and therefore easier to maintain hydration.

Please see photos below.

We would urge any residents detecting an odour or reporting a problem to call us direct on our dedicated helpline – 07961 403 782. This will enable us to respond as quickly as possible and trace the potential source of any issue.

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Site capping works

Side Wall Lining