Some of our neighbours may have noticed some work that was recently undertaken on the area above the main haul road on site. This work was in preparation for further capping and involved the screening of material to remove any large items that could potentially pierce and compromise the capping material. This work is now complete, and we will soon move on to the next phase.

We continue work to restore a number of areas on the site where waste management activity is complete. The first photo below shows Cell 3A, which has been capped and seeded as part of its final restoration.

The second photo shows that we are now tipping against the side wall liner that has now been engineered. This work allows us to reduce the visual impact of the historic ‘steep flank of waste’ by filling through that area. Over the coming weeks our contractors will be starting to cap the top and east side of the site. This will also have a significant impact on the visual impact of the site from the surrounding area.

We would urge any residents wishing to report a problem to call us direct on our dedicated helpline – 07961 403 782. This will enable us to respond and rectify any issue as quickly as possible and trace the potential source of any issue.

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Cell 3A which has now been capped and seeded

Work to reduce the visual impact of the ‘steep flank’