Since the last meeting there have been 17 complaints of odour potentially leaving the site which have been notified to the Environment Agency.

  • 3 in February
  • 1 in March
  • 13 in April to date

All complaints have been thoroughly investigated in accordance with Quercia’s procedures.

Those in February and March, apart from a complaint on 26th February, were considered not to have emanated from the site. The single complaint in February where the odour was likely to have come from the site was thought to be from healthcare waste being deposited at the time. The likely cause of the other complaints was from agricultural sources surrounding the site.

In April there have been 13 complaints up to 12th essentially over 3 days, 10th – 12th April inclusive. Again, all complaints have been thoroughly investigated in accordance with our procedures and discussions held with several residents. On and off site inspections either detected no odour or low level odour associated with incoming waste deposits.

Daily checks continue to be made for landfill gas odour particularly around the extent of the temporary cap and the deep wells locations.

The results of all investigations have been reported to the EA in the normal way.

The winter period has been less severe than last year, however, there has still been some significant rainfall at times which have adversely affected site operations.

Seven deep wells were installed in Jan/Feb and all wells are performing to expectations.

Pin Wells on the eastern flank were decommissioned to allow for the filling of waste in that area to achieve final waste levels prior to capping.

Waste inputs to the landfill for the first quarter of 2019 are on average around 1,300 tons per week and comprise of relatively low content of organic waste and which in general do not give rise to any odours associated with their acceptance at the site. Quercia continues to seek to increase the quantity of waste it accepts each week.

Contracts are being drawn up for the capping contract for approx. 14,000m2. Works should commence in May with completion in September.
Cell preparation works will also be required this year to extend the void available for tipping.

Improvements continue to be made to the site and its operations to ensure the Company’s obligations under the permits and the planning permissions are met.

We would be grateful if you would contact the Company in the first instance should you wish to report an issue or complaint on 01257 273311. However, if you prefer to contact the Environment Agency please do so on 0800 80 70 60.