Since the last meeting in April, there have been 30 complaints (as of 13:00 01/07/2019) these were received via the Environment Agency. The majority of these were attributed by the complainants to odour being emitted from the site with 1 complaint relating to birds.

Number of complaints
6 in May
22 in June
2 in July (to date)

All complaints have been thoroughly investigated in accordance with Neales Waste Management / Quercia’s procedures.

All complaints were considered and some could not have emanated from the site and the results of all investigations have been reported to the EA in the line with our procedures.

Daily checks continue to be made for landfill gas odour particularly around the extent of the temporary cap and the deep wells locations.

Waste inputs for the site have increased in June as the result on a new commercial contract. On average this is around 1950 tonnes per week, an increase of around 650 tonnes per week compared to the first quarter of 2019 at 1300 tonnes per week. The additional waste input does have a slightly higher organic waste content due to the nature of waste.

Techniques for dispersing scavenging birds; bird kite, gas cannon are being utilised to prevent on site issues. This has reduced the number of scavenging birds on site.

We have an odour suppression unit which is running during site operational hours as a minimum.

Waste soils have also been brought on to site to profile Cell 3C ready for capping.

Fencing on the South-West of the site has been damaged by vandals on two occasions. The fence was repaired and reinstated on both occasions. We are looking to have a contractor install permanent fencing.

Capping is expected to start in July so there will be an increased activity of plant and machinery during normal working hours. These works are essential and will help the site to comply with site permit conditions.

Improvements continue to be made to the site, its operations and system procedures to ensure the Company’s obligations under the permits and the planning permissions are met. Additionally the company has refused the opportunity of further incoming waste due to the potential of the waste producing odours which could have an impact off site.

We would be grateful if you would contact the Company in the first instance should you wish to report an issue or complaint on 01257 273311. However, if you prefer to contact the Environment Agency please do so on 0800 80 70 60.