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Our combined MRF/RDF equipment processes upto 90k tonnes of material a year that may have traditionally have been landfilled, resulting in a saving of thousands of tonnes of CO2 emissions per year compared with landfill.

The facility, with its state of the art equipment, is capable of extracting a variety of recyclable materials such as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, many types of plastics such as PP, PET, HDPE and LDPE as well as paper and cardboard, with these materials going onto specialist recycling facilities to be formed directly into new items or raw products. This advanced automatic segregation removes the need for waste producers to segregate waste at source yet allows them to still meet and even exceed their environmental and sustainability targets. The non-recyclable materials are used to produce high quality (RDF) and excellent quality (SRF) fuel which are then utilised by Aalborg Portland, the Danish arm of Cementir, to provide energy to the cement manufacture process, acting to displace fossil fuel materials (petroleum coke) originally used. Ash residues are inputted into the final product mix, acting to provide a closed loop system where truly nothing goes to waste.

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