Established in 1973, Quercia is a modern and focused waste company, operating from its comprehensive waste processing and disposal facility, based in a former 76-acre sand quarry known as Clayton Hall, Chorley.

Quercia was acquired by the Neales group of companies in 1996, this seeing the expansion of landfilling and other waste activities on the Clayton Hall site and the creation of a transfer station used to move recyclable wastes onto suitable facilities.

The Neales Group of companies were acquired on 4 July 2012 by Cementir Holding, the global market leader in white cement production. This acquisition was a hugely positive move for Quercia, with the parent company investing resources, expertise and over £8M capital in the development and construction of a state of the art recycling and fuel production facility standing on the Quercia site. This plant processes materials via segregation of numerous valuable recyclables and production of RDF and SRF products, the latter of which is sent directly to the cement kilns of our parent company. More information on our plant can be found here.

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